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An Irish fantasy adventure about finding strength and love in a mysterious, ever shifting and harsh world.

Will destiny fall apart if you run from it?
Would you fight for something you knew would die?

Destiny can be too big to hold in one hand, and failures may mar the road, but joy can be found in the most difficult circumstances.

You'll find wondrous surprises, music, and vivid images play throughout the story of Aching Prosperity - Rathúnas Tnúthánach.

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Click for to read 3rd Compass: Navigating Reality
Reality Unwound and Rebound

Tyrone Alexander's first book is an inspiring memoir and discussion of the amazing things that led him into a new life of belief in Christianity. You'll find testimonies and simple explanations of the confusing nature of our universe - How things in the Bible actually make sense from a scientific viewpoint and how only looking on the surface will make you miss the deeper details.

Tyrone uses scientific evidence and simple logic to show how reality isn't what it seems to be. It's full of mysteries and hidden details that tell us we're not here by accident.

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Do you know what the True Gospel really is?
Are destiny and soulmates real?
Is 13 truly bad?

Find out important details about the gospel, whether destiny is real, how numbers reveal the world's hidden nature, and other things every Christian should know on the Writings page...

About Tyone Alexander - Short Biography

Tyrone Alexander uses his life experiences to share valuable lessons found in the hidden and surprising parts of our world. His varied background in the sciences, psychology, religion, creative arts, music and motorcycling let him write compelling works that people easily connect with. The wisdom found in his experiences give inspiration, yet the hard struggles are tempered by playful humor in his writing.
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Music is a large part of Tyrone's life. He's found through the years that using song and melody is the perfect language to reach people's souls. He currently plays acoustic guitar, the Irish drum (bodhrán), mandolin, and piano/keyboard. Tyrone Alexander publishes music as Cantaire Dé, pronounced "Kahn-tahr-eh Jay".
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